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Welcome to Samhwa Paints’ homepage. It is my great pleasure to introduce our company to you customers through the homepage.

After successfully overcoming the nation’s financial crisis between late 1997 and 1998, Samhwa Paints has grown to a first-class paint company equipped with high-tech technologies in various sectors and solid financial structures.

The 21st century’s era of unlimited competition requires changes and creation.

With the sprite of the times, Samhwa Paints has made continuous efforts to develop new technologies, upgrade facilities and foster excellent human resources, and has established itself as a leading paint manufacturer with accumulated advanced technologies and high-quality workers. Under the principle of “environmentally-friendly growth”, Samhwa has long tried to develop eco-friendly products like low-toxic paints, water-soluble functional coatings and powder coatings, becoming a model chemical company in Korea.

With its vision of the “second-phase start-up” for the 21st century, Samhwa Paints has set its sights on foreign markets, especially on China. To this end, Samhwa will continue to make every effort to maximize interests of its customers and shareholders and corporate value through steady R&D investments, process upgrades, active overseas marketing and ceaseless management innovations to become a competitive global company.

We Samhwa Paints once again thank our investors and customers for providing continued support and trust for the company. We promise that we will continue to offer advanced technologies and services to them and give our upmost priority to their interests.

Samhwa Paints believes that in this new century, the paint industry will make the world more beautiful and the company will be at the center of the world. We hope to see our customers’ continued support for us.
Thank you.